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Aaaand, Democrats

poop their pants. Let’s just say that they are doing “the Nadler Shuffle…”

[From yesterday] Robert Kennedy Jr. announced this morning that he is abandoning his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination and instead will run in 2024 as an independent.

Will it siphon off some Republican votes? Oh, probably, but not very many. He is a Lefty loon, though of course I am pleased to see him eat into Biden’s support. But still, Even if he gets a few RINOs (who certainly would not have voted for Trump anyway) I think there’s little question that he will take more Democrat votes than Republican ones, probably by a factor of 100. Or 1,000.

If RFK, Jr. is smart, he will primarily focus on disaffected Democrat voters, at least at first. The environment is far more “target-rich,” there. And then once he has a big following in that arena he can parlay that success into peeling off RINOs and disaffected Republican voters. I think THAT is his most promising path.

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