Disgusting! Evil Lefty Political Philosophy Perfidy

They knew.

And they are loathsome creatures for doing his evil thing! They knew. Let THAT sink in for a bit.

Tell me again how you are moral and yet share is this disgusting infestation!

On October 7, four photojournalists who provide reporting and photos for the likes of the Associated Press (AP), CNN, the New York Times, Reuters, and other outlets were allegedly at the Israeli border with Hamas terrorists who committed acts of atrocities against innocent Israeli civilians that shocked the world. Since an Israel-supporting news watchdog website reported the claim, everyone wants to know if these Gaza-based reporters knew in advance about the attack and, more importantly, if they could have saved lives by alerting the world about it. The question arises: Did the AP, CNN, the New York Times, and Reuters know about the Hamas terror attack in advance? 

Do you even wonder why regular people hate and mistrust the MSM? This is just breathtaking in its depth of evil!

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