Poetic Justice

Mayor Adams of

NYC just visited DC. His report: Help is not on the way.

“I did not leave with optimism,” Adams told reporters on Friday. “I left with the cold reality that help is not on the way in the immediate future. It is going to be, at this moment, it’s going to be up to New Yorkers and this administration to continue to navigate this challenge that we’re facing.”

Adams has projected that the migrant crisis will cost the city $12 billion by 2025 if the flow of new migrants remains the same. New York City has seen more than 150,000 migrants enter its homeless housing system since the spring of 2022, with 66,000 still in its care.

Gee, maybe Democrats need to fix the border situation. Ya think?

It’s hard to feel bad for him. It’s like the proverbial guy who kills his parents for the life insurance money and then, when he is found out, begs the court for mercy on the grounds that he is just a poor orphan!