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We need to understand

the Texas/Supreme Court ruling. As I understand it, it makes NO demands on Texas at all. I have heard even a few Conservative sources say that it forces Texas to permit the tidal wave of illegal immigration and Texas is defying that SCOTUS ruling. But that really is not true at all! Texas is defying nothing. Not a thing.

What was upheld was the Feds’ right to cut the razor wire (if they can get to it). That’s it. And Texas can put it right back up, if they want.Texas doesn’t have to have welcome mats and belly dancers for people who illegally jump the border. And indeed, Texas is in the process of making it a state crime to do so!

In other words, the Feds, in that case, have nothing to say about it–it is a state crime! And state crimes are handled by… the state, not the Feds.

Now “Biden” says that ALL immigration must be dealt with solely by the Feds. Texas disagrees and says the Constitution grants them the right to defend against invasion.

Yes, Texas said they have a Constitutional right to stop invasions, and that’s what they’re going to do. Not with the National guard, but with the Texas State guard. And there is a state border patrol, also. And all these folks are not controlled by the Feds. Those particular issues have not been addressed at all by SCOTUS.

But Texas has a very strong Constitutional argument. If this is an invasion, Texas wins.

Now “Biden” can escalate things by nationalizing the National guard of Texas, but there are problems with that, not the least of which is soldiers complying with orders. But Abbott could just transfer troops (paper-wise) to be under state control. Besides, I highly doubt it would go that far.

I mean, “Biden” could send national troops (the Army) to battle state ones, but I very much doubt he would. And other states are sending troops under their control. There again, would Biden’s troops follow orders to fire on fellow citizens? THAT is civil war!