Captain Obvious

Gee, I wonder

why that might be?

Just raaaaaciiiism, right?

Current Events

Yeah, it’s

pretty funny that the Leftist doesn’t want to give Biden a grade.

And I think we ALL know why.

Mr. Zogby wants to retain a shred of intellectual dignity, so he takes the well-worn Lefty path of just not responding. In fact, I would be surprised if he is even willing to do this much longer.

Turn tail and run–it’s the Lefty way. Oh, Leftists are MORE than happy to argue if they think they have the goods. But when even they realize that their defenses are lame and easily dispensed with, they turn tail and run.

And THAT is exactly what Zogby has done, here. I will just say that this will almost for sure follow the path of “Crossfire.” And all you will see of the Lefty is his butt.

In the immortal words of the winner of the Kentucky Derby when asked if he would meet with Biden in the White House, “If I had wanted to see a horse’s [butt] I would have come in second.” Well, Conservatives are NOT intellectually or factually coming in second…

Of course, Lefties are eager to say that this is a myth and never actually happened. Yeah, OK, boomer–whatever. But it is nevertheless true, and who knows what actually was said? It’s not as if the MSM is reliable! I mean, you don’t think they would lie about something like this, do you?

And is the jockey going to the White House? Hmmm…

Dementia Dishonesty

Biden is just

a senile, lying doof!

Basically, he has always been a liar. But now the dementia makes it TONS worse and while the impulse to spin yarns is still there, he is no longer cognitively able to lie persuasively.

So yes, he is now and has always been a liar. It’s just that now he is unable to lie even reasonably well. So what we have is a mixture of dementia and chronic dishonesty.

Oh, and Lefties, YOU voted for this! Sometimes that fact makes me shake my head and say, Really? But this is YOUR fault.

Biden told the midshipmen that he applied to the Naval Academy in 1965. He told a tale of applying to the Academy with a letter from then-Delaware Senator J. Caleb Boggs. However, in 1965, Biden graduated from the University of Delaware. He wouldn’t have been applying for graduate courses at the Naval Academy because there were none. The tale was an odd one, mixing his dream of playing football with his interest in the Naval Academy. [emphasis added]

Captain Obvious

New research

confirms what we ALL know…

Well, people aren’t STUPID!

Civil Rights

Guns are NOT

the problem. I drove an old pickup truck to high school. Every day for years.

But I had a gun rack in the pickup. And in that rack I had a 12-gauge shotgun. With shells. At first I didn’t have a rack, so I put the shotgun in a special sleeve made for just that purpose in the seat cover. So concealed. Hey, I might want to stop on the way home and shoot some pheasants!

So basically, I had a gun and ammo in my truck that I drove to school every freakin’ day. Often concealed. For years.

Oh, and did I mention that I never shot anyone? And I never even thought twice about it! Really, pheasants were the only ones that had a reason to worry…


My, my, my…

How times change!

Epic fail

Biden is an

utter failure. Historically unpopular.

He is 490 days into his term and at this point, he has lower average approval numbers than any president at 40.9 percent, going all the way back to Harry Truman in 1945. It’s also Biden’s lowest average approval so far. Given that this is going into the midterms, that’s a nightmare for the hopes of the Democrats. [emphasis added]

… Biden’s approval in a new Reuters/Ipsos poll also hit the lowest ever in that poll: 36 percent. The poll showed his numbers are still dropping precipitously, dropping 6 percent from the week before. So if he thought resorting to calling people “ultra MAGA” was going to be his salvation, not so much.

Current Events

Oh, good.

I’m very happy to see this.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has sunk 30 points behind Donald Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman in the Wyoming GOP primary, a Club for Growth poll found Thursday.

Economics Evil Piss-poor judgment

You understand

that “Biden” is a TOTAL disaster, right? Even hardcore Democrat citizens are beginning to grasp that. Hence, the poll numbers–they could not be what they are without a significant number of Democrat voters switching sides.

And did YOU vote for him? If so, shame on you! Holy crap! If you are still unashamed and there were justice in the world, you would never vote again. You’ve abused that privilege and cannot be trusted not to do so again.

Keep in mind:

  • Natural gas accounts for 40% of our electricity needs in America.
  • Chinese windmills account for 9% of our electricity.
  • Solar panels account for 2.8% of our electricity

Oh, but wait, there’s more! Horrible economic numbers. Parents who can’t get baby formula to feed their kids (getting even worse). Chronic shortages of goods. General misery. Can’t afford to gas up the car. Can’t afford a vacation–even to drive to see family in a neighboring state. Can’t afford to run the A/C. Can’t afford to eat out.

Way to go Biden voters, Way to go…

And yes, I blame YOU, Biden voters! How could you have been so stupid? Many of you are not low-IQ at all, and yet you did this!

But now now we ALL have to share in the fruit of your piss-poor judgment…

Buffoons Incompetence

Things have gotten

SO bad for Biden that even Democrats are hoping for a replacement!

Uhm, he sucks as President. And Kamala is even worse.

THIS is what happens when you get a cheap mail-order President from China…