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Well OK,

let’s see what happens

Current Events

I think DeSantis

is a great option. Maybe the best one. See, supposed “moderates” get exposed as mere mindless Lefty shills if it is DeSantis. DeSantis also doesn’t have the baggage Trump does–no matter how unfairly it was acquired.

Trump was a VERY good President, and was treated abysmally by the MSM. And he was flat-out cheated out of his second term. No question about ANY of that.

But DeSantis may well be the better option in 2024. He certainly doesn’t provoke the unhinged, knee-jerk, kooky opposition that Trump does. And while I can mock that opposition as incredibly moronic, it is nevertheless there and I still have to deal with it.

DeSantis just gives me one less hurdle to leap…

Current Events


So what is happening? SOMETHING sure is! Elon didn’t make this change for nothing or on a whim.

I smell a hostile takeover!

But what if several other wealthy Conservatives each bought an 8% share?

Well, I would sign up for Twitter, for one thing…

Lefty Political Philosophy Psychopathology

A really good lesson

for Leftists:

See, Leftists almost always can’t handle rational argument or disagreement. It has become part of the Lefty “Rules” to never leave the Lefty “Circle of Safety” and intellectually engage. Part of it is the intellectual weakness of their arguments. But a good deal of it is the overweening narcissism of most Leftists.

And this problem started with the bastardization of the self-esteem movement. Though THAT is an argument for another day…

It’s all feelings, and no facts. And since it’s hard to argue against feelings, Leftists never really have to defend or justify their ideas. YOU are just a jerk to try and argue with them! And what they do is therefore most often oblivious to facts and rationality.

So, for several important reasons Leftists don’t dare put their theories and beliefs on the line. There’s no more “Crossfire” for a reason! It’s much easier for them to pretend that they are persecuted and run off to some friendly, fetid Lefty fever swamp rather than engage in rational argument!

And therefore it is damning. ALL progress is stopped, which IS the definition of “damnation.” We can call it “Epistemological Closure” if we want to get all fancy-dancy, but it is more common to use the word, “damnation.” We think we know the answers so we are simply not willing to consider alternative explanations. THAT is Epistemological Closure.

And it’s both rigid and fragile. ANY contrary information threatens to bring down the whole house of cards! Because if I was wrong on THIS after being so cocksure of it, what else might I be wrong about?

Justice Lawfare

Oh, now THAT’s

gonna leave a mark!

Current Events

You know the saying,

Get woke, go broke.

I would advise everyone: Get rid of Disney+. Get rid of HULU (owned by Disney). ESPN is also owned by Disney. Enough!

Voter Fraud

Wow, you

gotta see this. Wow.

Fighting Back

First of all,

the people tho did this are TOTAL, uhm, jerks (not the word that came to mind–which rhymes with “lash-poles”), but this is a family blog…

Be ungovernable!

Current Events


ya think? Thanks, Captain Obvious!

More people worship the rising sun than the setting sun.
–young Pompey The Great (to the senior dictator Sulla)

NB: I think it’s easy to not understand just how risky and nervy this was. Sulla had killed A TON of people for a whole lot less!

Civil Rights

Yeah, THAT

might work, DUH!

So why, if California’s much-vaunted gun control laws have failed to choke off the supply of legal and illegal weapons, do politicians continue to claim that enacting even more will have an effect?

The bottom line is this: Actor Alec Baldwin’s claims notwithstanding, guns don’t fire on their own. Someone must accidentally or purposely pull the trigger and that should be the focus of efforts to reduce violence — such as more vigorous enforcement of laws banning gun possession by felons and those under court order.