It is true.

24 Jul

Virtually ALL the CBO score now is based on repeal of the forced theft that is the core of Obamacare. So,  the choice is either to have the individual mandate or to jettison Obamacare altogether.

The forced payment is NOT a”bug.” It the keystone of the whole endeavor. So one has to make a call. Is it more moral to forcibly extract money from people or to fund things in another way?

Incidentally, you do understand that ALL Leftism is based on forced behavior–on a lack of moral agency, don’t you? Understand well what side YOU are choosing.

Deception (IMHO) should be punished. But that is NOT what we are talking about, here.


I think

24 Jul

many of us have had enough.

Now let me ask you, have you EVER seen Conservatives protest? I sure haven’t. The only thing approaching it was the Tea Party stuff (which I think was a precursor). Usually they are busy at their jobs.

So it really seems to me like times are changing. We are seeing things now that we have never seen before. Conservatives are going the “Punch back twice as hard” route. They are even saying that. There is a palpable anger, now. That is a new thing. I worry that the sleeping giant is stirring, that the bulldog is almost to the stage of severe action. That would not be good.

Leftists won’t like it if Conservatives start to protest. Lefties have been the only ones protesting for two generations. Conservatives have been very slow to action. But you won’t like them when they’re angry…

So Lefties, be careful! The dog’s “leash” may not be as short or as secure as you think.


Folks, it’s a

24 Jul

witch hunt. And I don’t give a rat’s patoot now WHAT he says. He is just not trustworthy.

With all that funding and with a HUGE staff of Lefty attorneys eager to besmirch Trump, they got NOTHING. So Mueller “expanded” his fishing expedition to include Trump’s historical financial dealings. The expansion itself tells you that he found absolutely nothin regarding the real issue. But he just can’t leave empty-handed, so there is this “expansion.” It is truly a mania, an irrational impulse. He is Captain Ahab in the flesh.

And Mueller can kiss my butt.

Mueller is a TOTAL–well, I can’t say on this family blog. but I didn’t spend 7 or so years with Marines not to know how to describe him in the most vulgar of terms. And I really don’t care what this Javert says, now. He is a psychopathological moral midget. I think HE is the one that should be prosecuted and put in prison for fraud. His relationship with Comey alone disqualifies him and is immoral if not outright illegal. And yet he didn’t even demur let alone refuse the appointment? He didn’t even publicly disclose it? REALLY? What a horse’s butt! Anyone with morals would have disclosed the relationship and then refused the appointment. He did neither, and that should tell you all you need to know about his moral fiber. Or, in his case, his moral tissue paper.

Just get out of here, you idiot! You’re just here for the blood money. Be off with you!


I think the GOP

24 Jul

is misjudging the level of anger about all this. And I think THAT is a key issue. Probably the overriding one. While it is absolutely true that Obama deliberately made this a “barbed hook” so it would be painful to remove, it’s also true that the GOP was elected precisely because people wanted it removed.

Yes, Obamacare sucks. Yes, Democrats are 100% responsible for it. Yes, we were totally lied to by Obama and his minions. Yes, yes, yes. So while I like and trust Senator Mike Lee a great deal (and his father, Rex–RIP, was truly a giant), I think he needs to realize that the enemy of the good is the great. I think Mike Lee let (very real) idealogical quibbles lead him to “take a stand” and vote against repeal and replace. It was almost for sure the wrong decision. And that is quite unfortunate. For us all.

Obamacare will collapse. It can’t work, and we are seeing major problems even now. People are going to get hurt. Regular people. But the GOP will get part of the blame and they really don’t deserve it. This was a turd created and foisted upon us by the Democrats, without a single Republican vote. The Democrats totally own it. But the GOP was put in position to kill this pig and they didn’t. THAT is what the anger is about.

If congressmen were FORCED to use Obamacare with them and their staffs, there would be no Obamacare. THAT is the reason for this mess–congress exempted itself. Please, don’t lose track of this fact.

The analogy (not mine) is this: If I have rotting food in my fridge, I don’t wait to clean it out until I go to the store and get replacement food. I clean it NOW and replace the food as I can. In the status quo ante there were some problems, but it worked. So I would want to repeal it and THEN add things in, as needed. And yes, that is a painful process. Obama designed it that way.

I think that the best solution is to split it into parts. One part deals with Planned Parenthood and abortion. Vote. Another part deals with “tax” for not having Obamacare. Vote. Another part deals with welfare. Vote. THEN we get you on record, one that may well be used in the next election.

I think we need to understand that all the Trump invective you are seeing now is actually about Obamacare. The Democrat plan is the politically weaken Trump so that they can save Obamacare. They care about Obama, but that is not the only factor.



23 Jul

Thanks again to Powerline’s “The Week in Picture.”


I think it is quite clear

23 Jul

that there has been gross over-reach by Mueller and his pack of baying hounds. This is not fair. Not at all. and it is offensive to me to have someone engage in blatantly unfair behavior. MY sensibilities are offended. He has NOTHING, and he should just say so. That he doesn’t is very concerning–and it speaks to Mueller’s honesty and competence. A competent investigator would have had this wrapped up last week. The fact that the investigation is still going on does NOT speak well of Mueller or his skills.

Maybe most people will get to where I am–I don’t give a crap what Mueller says now because it has become quite clear that he is NOT an honest broker. I would indeed pay heed to what an honest broker said, but this is just the rantings of an irrational Javert. Sorry, I no longer trust him. What he says may be true, but it may well be a HUGE pack of lies.

I really don’t mind (and approve of) an honest investigation. Let’s look into things and let the chips fall where they may. But going on a witch hunt/fishing trip is quite another thing altogether. And that is exactly what this is. Mueller has shown very clearly that he and his team are NOT about finding the truth, but about getting a scalp, by hook or by crook.

I don’t agree. I find that morally reprehensible. But things are in place–Mueller has hired a pack of dogs baying for Trump’s blood, and I’m not sure he could stop them now even if he wanted to (and there is no evidence that he does). Mueller should be fired. I know that such a thing may not be possible, but it should happen. There is NOTHING he could say/find that would be seen as an honest outcome, now.



22 Jul

it won’t last. It is most likely just a common “ebb” in the ebb and flow of the DNC money cycle.

Still, it’s nice to see.

Democrats Delenda Est.

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You think there is no SIGNIFICANT voter fraud?

21 Jul

Don’t be a total fool.

It’s funny how dishonesty apologists have changed their arguments. At first they argued that there was no voter fraud. Now they have resorted to their “limited modified hang-out” and just say that there is no significant voter fraud. Of course, that is as bogus as the first one. Honestly, you have to be willfully blind not to see the voter fraud! I just don’t think there’s a way to both be informed AND dismissing. I think you either have to be a total rube and know nothing or you have to be a rigid ideologue. Given the incontrovertible facts, I just don’t know how a person can be both a voter fraud denier AND an honest broker.


This should tell you

21 Jul

what you need to know.

It shows the HUGE gap between what the regular people care about and what the MSM care about.

The bottom line is that they don’t care about the same things you care about. For example, only a small fraction of people give a crap about the whole Russia/Trump poppycock, yet that is exactly what the MSM focuses on.

The MSM are rapidly becoming irrelevant, and that is largely a product of their own behavior. They have soiled their own bed, and yet they can’t even recognize that they need to change the sheets.



21 Jul

no surprise there.

My bet is Mueller couldn’t find anything on the Russia deal so he has done what Special Counsels do: he has expanded his investigation. He got a bigger net. Here, fishy, fishy!

This is just lawlessness–it is nothing but a fishing expedition. And it it really aggravating. Does Mueller have actual power to prosecute? He must, because people are fearful. But if not, I would just ignore him. I don’t give a crap WHAT he says in any case! He had one job, and it wasn’t to go on a carte blanche witch hunt!

Mueller could have saved his reputation. Now he just looks like a delusional Javert. Get this clown out of here!

Sessions should have done his job. If he could not preside because of a rigid interpretation of conflict of interest (one Leftists most certainly do NOT share–see Mueller) he should not have taken the job. That was truly a mistake on his part.

Oh, and Democrats delenda est.