I think

24 Mar

this is a HUGE tactical mistake for the Democrats.

First of all, they can kiss the filibuster goodbye. The will need it for the next SCOTUS nominee, and they won’t have it. This is madness. It is tilting at windmills. It is self-destructive. Quite likely this is what is being pushed by the very vocal but kooky Democrat fringe, and saner Democrats feel obliged to follow them off a cliff in order to keep their precious positions. Yeah, “Eat me last!”

Then again, it would happen next time, anyway. Republicans benefit from this happening with a highly competent and obviously qualified judge. If the ship is going to sink, it might as well sink on the high seas as a mile from shore! Right, Democrats? And maybe the next vacancy will be close enough to elections to wait. And maybe Democrats think they can win the Senate next time, even though the have far more vulnerable seats to defend.

But I still think it is a huge mistake. It may be that the SCOTUS nominee will be worse and it will be closer to the election. In that case the Democrats can incessantly beat that horse when they lose and thus rile up their base. That works. I think it would be better to be able to filibuster then, but whatever.

I think it would have been better to allow Goresuch and focus on the really important next nominee, but fine. Let’s finish this once and for all. This one doesn’t change the balance of power at all. The next one will. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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Look, let’s

24 Mar

see how this works out.

But at the very least it looks like Trump was indeed spied on. And I think this is a blockbuster. If Obama indeed did this, he should be in prison. He won’t be, but justice demands that he go. And there are some very famous reporters who note just how serious this is.

If he didn’t do it, no problem. But it certainly fits what we know about him. But there are times that a crooked person didn’t commit a crime, so we need to look at all the facts.

Quote: The intelligence is said to leave no doubt the Obama administration, in its closing days, was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.

This is starting to look like a really big deal. Yup. If the shoe were on the other foot, the NYT would be having a kitten about now. They would be so happy they would be in very real danger of wetting themselves.


So why do we have

24 Mar

the filibuster, anyway. Harry Reid was right (now THERE’s a sentence I never thought I would say), it is time to get rid of the filibuster.

I know there is some heartburn about getting rid of the filibuster and worries about what the GOP will do when THEY are in the minority, but I think that now is the time to do it, just the same. There is NO question that the Democrats will do that as soon as it benefits them.

For Democrats it is,”Heads I win and tails you lose.”

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24 Mar

what has happened with the health care bill, it very much seems to me that Paul Ryan is in serious jeopardy. Maybe we actually need a new Speaker. Rand Paul would do well, but he’s in the Senate.

And Trump needs to be very careful in aligning himself with Ryan. Right now, Ryan can take the fall. He is expendable, and he has been an old-school RINO. But this runs the risk of taking the shine off the Trump apple. That would be a very bad thing for the country. There is a lot of repair to do, and this internecine warfare only interferes with that.

We KNOW the Democrats are totally irrational and will throw Trump to the wolves if at all possible. They are lying in wait… Trump simply cannot afford to alienate conservatives, since he will get no mercy (or even fairness) from Democrats. I hope he understands that–I think he does, but we’ll see what he does over the next week. That will tell us a lot.

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It’s not like

23 Mar

many of us are willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt! Remember, Obama is the same guy send his lackey out to the press to repeatedly lie about Benghazi. So it’s not as if Obama is a reliable source.

But there is good evidence that Trump was right, regardless of all the Lefty carping. Yeah, Trump was right, and all the Lefty fools were wrong. Eat it, Lefties!


Paul Ryan

22 Mar

is getting creamed. He’s looking more like a RINO squish every day. He must really be doing what he thinks is right, because this crap sure doesn’t make him popular! He is very much looking like a Boehner with hair…

It’s too bad–he was so promising. Even more reason to primary him. See ya!


I think it is time

22 Mar

to reconsider education. My kids are past this stage, but if I were doing it now I would really consider home-schooling.


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I think

22 Mar

it’s  a great idea, and one that I have advocated for years.

It would both insure the poor and simultaneously create a large market for such policies. In fact, I think a catastrophic policy should just be a part of all welfare.

I’m actually OK with a mandated catastrophic policy, though that is not ideal in one important way. It is, unlike Obamacare, insurance! So if we are talking about a very little each month rather than the monstrosity of a $600 a month Obamacare pre-paid and coerced care plan, it would be great.

Just have catastrophic insurance, something Obamacare stupidly got rid of.



21 Mar


This was ALWAYS a crock of Lefty crap.

There is NO evidence of collusion because (wait for it, wait for it) THERE WAS NO COLLUSION!

Even the Lefty accusations were NOT that the vote totals were interfered with, but that by hacking into her emails and revealing THE TRUTH it may have hurt Hillary. Please don’t be confused (and the Lefty shill media has worked hard to confuse you), there was NEVER a hint of the actual election being hacked. It was ONLY that Hillary’s emails were hacked and they revealed some very unflattering things about her, which may have led to her losing some votes. So let’s not be confused, now, at least. There’s just no excuse for it.

And Trump won the cited states by tens of thousands of votes (IIRC the one with the lowest Trump margin of victory was just over 70,000 votes). And she would have had to have won a half-dozen more states to even sniff victory. So you are telling me that many hundreds of thousands of voters in several different states would have voted for Hillary if her dishonesty had not be revealed by Wikileaks or whoever?

Oh Puh-Leeze! Only a complete and total moron would believe that. Even Hillary and her campaign didn’t believe that, which is why they didn’t challenge the results! If there had been a credible way to challenge the outcome of the election, don’t you think Hillary would have done so? Hillary is evil, but she is not a complete and total moron. THAT is why she didn’t challenge the results.


Yes, Hollywood’s

21 Mar

wounds are almost entirely self-inflicted.

The first and most glaring problem is that their movies suck. They are geared toward the “elites” on the coasts, and are not interesting at all to most Americans.

Another issue is that the “stars” of today treat the normal people as the dreaded hoi-polloi and as a smell of poop smeared under their nose–they can’t wait to get back to their mansion and tell the Hispanic servant to wash it off. For them, the masses truly ARE revolting!

When was the last time you wanted to see a movie? I wanted to see the latest “Star Wars” flick, and I liked the “Captain America” series. But apart from those, what has really attracted YOU? “Fantastic Beasts” totally sucked. And what else have I seen at the movie theater to see in the last six months? I dunno. Can’t think of one off the top of my head. Maybe I’ll see a movie DVD for sale that I want in the Walmart bargain bin. For five bucks. Or I can always stream it on Netflix. There is just not much worth actually owning. Or seeing at all.

But that is to a large extent also because  the “stars” are insufferable. The movies are bad and the “stars” lecture you and are themselves execrable. Add to that the many entertainment options available and it is no wonder they are tanking. I mean, do you personally know single person who saw the Emmy’s and talked about it? How about the Oscars? That one should be easy.

My answer: Neither.

If “stars” were smart they would just shut up and act. Why should I believe them over a dog-faced baboon? I mean, upon what grounds? Just shut up and act–no one cares what you think about monetary policy! We don’t pay you for that…