22 Nov

Just WOW!

This is truly revolting.


Yet another

22 Nov

one down. He says he will be back in six months, but I find that very unlikely. If he could return in six months, he wouldn’t be being forced to leave now.

Folks, this is just starting. I really don’t know where it will end.

Again, I’m sure that a Conservative will eventually be justly accused. But have you noticed that it has not happened yet? Part of that is because there are just so few Conservatives in that line of work. It’s very far from a 50/50 sample. But it’s also true that coercion and moral turpitude are endemic to Leftism itself. This immorality is part and parcel of all Leftism.

When those on the Right are caught doing bad things, they are roundly and publicly denounced by… the Right. When Leftists are culpable, the Left tries desperately to hide the football. Be very careful about what side you pull for. There are moral implications.


You can almost hear

22 Nov

the “sad trombone.” She chose… poorly. Still, it’s good for the country…

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Is an Article 5 Convention

22 Nov

really something to be feared and avoided?

Maybe not. I think the people who are scare-mongering about this are just afraid they will lose power and money. It’s hard for me to see how it is a bad idea. It’s high time we did something…

The idea that an Article 5 Convention would put the whole Constitution at risk is sheer stupidity. You think 34 states are going to go along with a Constitution-wrecking scheme? Doubtful. Very doubtful. But it might indeed impose term limits and spending caps. And both things are anathema to the Left.

Besides, since when is the Left all about Constitutional purity? The whole “Living” Constitution thing goes totally against that! They just assume (rightly) that they would lose. They would have to say what they actually believe and not hide behind noble-sounding tropes. THAT’s what this argument is all about. THAT is why they object. They just don’t want to put their cards on the table, and an Article 5 Convention forces them to show their true colors. It exposes them. But they are bluffing–they have a pair of 4s with a 7 high. Don’t be fooled! I call–read ’em and weep!

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So the question I have

22 Nov

is why the Democrats are so silent. What, do they just not care about women and victims? How horrible! How disgusting!

It’s high time we recognized that all their high-minded talk was just a lie. Stop being fooled! Makes me want to yell, “Hey pal, you’re getting worked!”



22 Nov

it’s over. But mark my words, Rose will be far from the last. Far. This is a target-rich environment.


THIS is why

22 Nov

concierge medicine has become so popular. In fact, it is the answer. It is rather a throw-back to the old family doc who knew the family very well over several generations and who is in fact an advisor and trusted support to that family. His input on MANY issues was valued. He is a trusted family friend.

I mean, can you even say whether your doctor is single or married? Does your doctor know whether YOU are single or married?  Seems like an irrelevant detail, right? Well, it isn’t.  Do you even know your physician? Does he or she know YOU? He or she may be able to look up your most recent lab results, but does he or she know YOU?

One buddy of mine (a neurologist in his late 60s) bemoaned the fact that now he has become just a glorified technician. He said there is no longer much personal contact with patients—and that was why he became a physician in the first place. He talked about younger physicians who don’t actually know their patents and just want to see the labs and the MRIs—and how this is bad medicine.

And a second doc told me the very same thing.

Concierge medicine goes a long way toward solving the problems. You don’t burn out when you treat friends



22 Nov

this is a bit of a warning shot. Don’t be fooled by the, “Well, the Democrat won” argument.


And so

22 Nov

it begins


Yeah, not documented.

22 Nov

Know why? Because it is not true. DUH! It is a steaming pile of crap and has been from the get-go. It was always just an expensive way for Hillary and her band of shrieking spoiled babies to throw a tantrum. Same with Mueller–get the heck out!