You want

21 Apr

more Trump?

Oh, heck. You know the rest. It’s a real shot in the arm for Marine LePen.


It is pretty dang clear that

21 Apr

Lerner is guilty. She is obviously a corrupt stooge. But this is really pretty dang important.

The IRS fought (and is still fighting) this so hard because the stakes are extremely high. They know for a fact that “sunlight” in this case will discredit them and/or put them in prison. It very much threatens Obama, their boyfriend. It also is an existential threat to the IRS itself.

So the IRS has stalled for four years. Think about that for a second–four years. The IRS is putting a TON of effort and energy into this for a good reason. They are fighting tooth-and-nail because this is a very real threat to them. They are guilty as Hell, and “sunlight” shows their perfidy.


You want more Trump? Because

21 Apr

this is how you get more Trump.

Trump is only President because of the utter policy incompetence of the Left. If Obama had simply taken care of business rather than being a complete nincompoop, Hillary would be President. Alas, that is not in his nature–or hers.


Leftism and Lefties have NEVER been

20 Apr

real defenders of free speech. Remember, NAZIs were hard Left (mindless propaganda notwithstanding), and today’s hard left uses the exact same force that the Gestapo applied. It really is important to understand that this violence and coercion is at the very heart of Leftism. It is not an unfortunate by-product, it is the core. It sounds good, but of course the road to Hell is famously paved with good intentions.

If you value moral agency, you are NOT a Leftist. But you might be an ignoramus who assumes that one can be both a person who is on the Left and a person who values moral agency, but in point of fact you are a person who doesn’t actually value it. You can say all the right words in sweet tones, but it is ruse–it is a second language to you. And you speak it with a distinct accent.

You are a Dolores Umbridge, who has photos of cute kittens all around but who is totally fine ordering the gruesome and painful death or torture of those who don’t agree with her. A person would be lucky, indeed to escape with merely scars on the back of their hand. Like her, you are a toady (as expressed by her looks) for someone with more power and status. Understand Dolores Umbridge is the prototype for Leftism.

And as the prototype, she undoubtedly felt all morally superior. Yep, that is characteristic of the species.

See, the battle about moral agency has always been and is still raging. Eventually, you gotta stand up for what you believe. I know not what path others may take, but as for me, I am firmly on the side of moral agency.


As the ancient Greek

20 Apr

Aeschlyus said, “Wisdom comes through suffering.”

This is not some Voltaire-esque and mindless Panglossian “best of all possible worlds” trope, but a keen observation of mortal existence.

Suffering has a purpose–it teaches us things. There is an understandable drive to get rid of all human suffering. I get that. But a HUGE problem today is that parents strive to make sure that their kids never suffer.

But what if that means that the kids never learn? Is the “snowflake generation” a product of this misguided worldview? Are we damaging them because of our good but short-sighted intentions? I’m not at all sure that we are wise enough to know the end from the beginning.

Look, I’m not at all suggesting that it is moral for parents to inflict suffering. But there is a lot of suffering in this world already. I’m not at all sure it can be avoided.

I personally don’t like having MS. At all. It is really overrated. But is there something valuable that I can learn from this? What can my wife learn from having a disabled husband?

My kids often ask me, out of the blue, if they can get me a drink of water. Now, I could do that myself, though it would certainly take effort to do so. But they are very much aware of my needs and wants. They are sensitive to others’ needs in general, and they have learned that at home.

Just recently my son saw an elderly person struggling to put groceries in her trunk as he was pulling into a parking spot, so he jumped out and offered to help. So how will their (the kids’) spouses and children benefit from my MS? How will others that I will never even meet benefit from my suffering?

So before we automatically assume that all suffering is categorically bad, let’s take a step back. Maybe it usually is, and maybe it really sucks when it is happening to US. but what about in this particular case? What about the future? Are we wise enough to know?

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Pure slavery and theft.

19 Apr

The average time Americans spend doing their taxes is 17 hours. Think about that–17 hours. NONE of that time is paid. It is hard and complicated. And you go to prison at the point of a gun if the IRS thinks you did it wrong. The penalties are quite severe.

And if your accountant screws up, YOU go to jail! You signed and therefore you are responsible.

There used to be actual tax collectors, but no more. YOU (and your employer) are the tax collectors now, and your time is totally free to the government. You are unpaid “volunteers” for the government. That time is forcibly robbed from you, along with your money. So YOU have to pay both the taxes AND the cost (in time and/or money) of getting them done.

And your employer has to hire an army of people to make sure the HE pays part of your taxes! The boss can’t just pay you and let you fully comply or not. No, no. He or she is LEGALLY LIABLE to pay half of your tax bill. Hence the boom in 1099 employees.

Did you know that what you pay as an employee is actually half? Yeah, it’s called “payroll taxes” and your employer pays just what you do in order to have you as an employee and cut you a check. Maybe you didn’t know that–you’ve always been a “worker bee” who only needed to know what time your shift started and where to place the wires. And there’s certainly no shame in being a worker bee. But it is a very different job than being an executive. That’s why I say that you should never hold elected office unless you have been an executive.

So you have to pay the taxes and also pay an accountant or spend 17+ hours yourself doing taxes. And the more complex the tax code, the more you need an accountant. That you pay for. And THAT is why the tax code is so complex. The accountants just love the complexity! The dream of having a tax form on a postcard is pure delusion.

But of course, not everyone shares in the tax burden. I mean, all animals are equal, it’s just that some are more equal than others… I think there should probably be a minimum tax. Everyone should share the burden.



18 Apr

the Dem in today’s special election (Georgia) doesn’t even live in the district. Wow. Poseur. I wish this would have come out a week ago…

He says that he grew up in the district and moved out 10 miles to “support” his girlfriend in medical school. Wait, isn’t this girlfriend an adult? Does she need him there to help her get through med school? And 10 miles makes a difference? So she is mature enough to have graduated from college and have gone to med school but is not mature enough to live 10 miles further away? You have got to be joking!

Heaven help us.


Welcome to

18 Apr

the Pleasure Dome, Democrats! You’re a long way from home…



18 Apr

a war on the poor.


It’s REALLY frustrating!

18 Apr

On this tax day we should talk about… taxes.

The tax code is so onerous, punitive, and labyrinthine that no normal of even highly educated person in business can do it. I have a Ph.D. and did a post-doc at Harvard, yet I wouldn’t dream of trying to do my own taxes. No way would I spend the time and effort to learn that stuff.

And for the Left, the complexity is a feature, not a bug.

If you run a small business, you must get an expert to do your taxes! The penalties are draconian. Just think, you get to pay someone (by the hour) to wade through the muck that is our tax code, and then you have to pay the taxes! The compliance costs may be quite significant. Even “normal” families spend hours on it.

Accountants and the government do NOT want a simple flat tax you can calculate in five minutes on a postcard! No, the complexity and draconian-ness is deliberate. Save us, Obi-Wan Trump, you’re our only hope!

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