It is not really

25 Sep

a glitch. This is, in fact, the entire purpose of motor-voter schemes!

I understand well that there are those among us who are bamboozled. There are those who make a fetish out of voting. This is reason # 1,042 why “motor-voter” schemes are horrible and simply an invitation to fraud. <sigh>

But it is quite clear to anyone who is both paying and not a victim of the Left’s “Old Jedi Mind Trick” that Motor-Voter schemes are a terrible idea! I mean, really stupid. It is just not rationally defensible.


McCain is a

25 Sep

hypocritical turd.

I’m am just really tired of his smarmy and hypocritical schtick. He is the typical Washington swamp creature. I don’t care that he was honorable during the Viet Nam war–good on him. But he is nothing but a hypocritical turd now. If Obamacare is “a complete failure,” how can one in good conscience torpedo the replacement? Even if the replacement is 90% a failure, isn’t that better? Stupid. I’m really glad that I was never fooled into voting for him for President. I wrote in–Romney. I may not agree with Romney on several important issues, but at least he’s not a hypocritical turd!

I think ALL thinking people have reason to be torqued at him. I despise him.

What a camera-hound dirtbag! The only good thing is that he can’t live for much longer and then we will finally be rid of him. I would say that this recent behavior is a result of his brain tumor, but he has always been a horse’s butt. It’s not the tumor, it’s HIM. The people of Arizona ought to be ashamed of themselves!

Similarly, Rand Paul needs to wise up. I know he is a rather rigid Libertarian, but we have seen some pretty severe black-and-white thinking with him. Both stupid and extreme. And we are all suffering for it. He has decided that he either gets all he wants or he will poop in the soup that is for everyone. He just doesn’t play well with others. Despicable. Does he really not grasp the fact the this bill is far closer to what he wants than Obamacare? I mean, most of the authority goes to the states, and not the Federal government. I thought he was for that kind of thing! Sheesh! This kind of crap makes me far less likely to join in any way with the goofy Libertarians. He is acting like a spoiled brat kicking his legs while lying on the floor because his parent wouldn’t get him a pony. His behavior is appalling. And sickening. GROW UP!

Thanks John McCain. Thanks Rand Paul. Way to go, losers. Way to go.


Here’s what those stoopnagles

24 Sep

don’t understand: They are soiling their own bed. This is sheer stupidity. These guys were never all that smart (with a few exceptions–Steve Young comes to mind), but they have had extremely lucrative talents. Still, it is not at all clear that it will be ridiculously lucrative forever, or even for much longer.

The NFL is withering on the vine due to this kind of crap, and has been for a couple of seasons. Real people are just horrified at the new entitled tantrums. Joe Six-pack is not amused. And they need Joe Six-pack–that is their meal ticket. And Joe Six-pack is NOT stupid.

Attendance at pro games is drastically falling and one sees photos of very sparsely-attended pro games. Cord-cutting is rampant. I hear people saying that they no longer buy tickets and travel to games. I hear people saying that they were once rabid fans but now just don’t care a ton. I hear people say that they thought it would be painful to stop being involved, but now that they have done it, it is surprisingly easy to do without it entirely. I myself cut the cord, and find that I no longer care much about college or pro football. And I used to be a big fan. I no longer care a ton.

Uh, this is NOT college, where “gumby” administrators roll over for every jejune Lefty tantrum. The “special snowflakes” need to adjust, and quickly. There simply are no “safe spaces” where players can go–and still make obscene amounts of money.


Here’s a fun fact for you.

24 Sep

11 states have adopted campus concealed carry. Some starting in 1983. There is not a SINGLE incident of a shooting instigated by a permitted campus carry person. Not one. Tell me again how dangerous it is so I can tell you that you are full of crap.

Let’s get rational! Lets look at facts and logic rather than just be hysterical and kooky.<sheesh!>

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Look, McCain is a total

23 Sep

horse’s butt. I never voted for that idiot. AZ Republicans ought to be ashamed!

I’d like to say what he is, but this is a family blog. But he is certainly no Republican.


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23 Sep

the Left is pretty reflexively anti-Semitic. Plame was a useful tool at the time. What the Left doesn’t say is that her anti-Semitism is pretty dang standard for the Left. She is NOT way off the mainstream Left. But they don’t dare admit that for fear of losing Jewish voters. But it is undeniably true.

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Yes, I think

22 Sep

this is exactly what needs to happen.

Here’s a line from the article that made me laugh out loud: What we should think, and say, is “You’re stupid, so stop talking and finish filling my latte order, weirdo.” 

Oh my! I think this article gets it exactly right: We Conservatives are just too polite.

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22 Sep


It IS a search, DUH!


So are we

22 Sep

going to get a special prosecutor? It needs one.

Looks like someone (cough–Clapper–cough) needs some cell time.


It’s a great question.

22 Sep

But almost for sure that is just wishful thinking. Like Hillary Clinton and bad crotch rot, the monster always comes back after you think it’s gone for good. So I’m not convinced, though I am hopeful.

But I have said for some time that the Democrats are on political life support. They have no “bench,” they have very few fresh faces, they have lost almost all legislatures at the state level, they don’t have the Presidency, they don’t have either the House or the Senate, they don’t have the Supreme Court, and they don’t have a cogent and coherent message. The SJW crowd is taking a serious whipping, and there is less and less faith in the Universities in particular and public school in general. There is little to no rational argument there. They really only have shrill anti-Trump squealings and not much more.

So I wonder, will they be replaced by something else? I think the next couple of elections will tell the tale.

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