Current Events

True, David

French is a total idiot, but I think he is correct, here.

Those plucky Ukrainians are NOT going to prevail on the battlefield. The longer this goes on, the more it favors Russia.

But in other ways, the Ukrainians have already won. They have exposed Russia as a 3rd-rate military with nukes. Let’s just say that the shine has come off the Russian apple. And I think it is very unlikely that the Russians can extinguish the fire of Ukrainian freedom, regardless of the territory they take.

Oh no, “Darth Vader” will eventually”win,” here. That much seems clear to me. BUT, he’s scuffed up a bit and that helmet is a bit worse for wear…

LESSON: If you fight Russia, be sure to win by knockout within the first three rounds. Because the pendulum always swings back Russia’s way. If they can remain standing for a couple rounds–no matter how battered, they will win.

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