Bad Faith Change Dishonesty

I think it’s

pretty important that we don’t just get rid of the nasty Democrats. There are a TONS of feckless Republicans, most especially RINO dinosaurs like Romney and Graham, that should be unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

To be honest, they have shown themselves to be enemies of the good and right. And they need to be electorally crushed and sent to go kick road apples.

They wreak amazing damage on Conservatism. They side with Biden over and over–most recently and egregiously with the recent Biden gun control stupidity.

And THAT discourages Conservative voters.

It is evil. It is based on lies, on fundamental dishonesty. If you are a Democrat, then run as what you are, jerk! Stop lying about what you are… But no, it is a Lefty “trojan horse” strategy. It relies on deception in order to work.

We need change, not RINO dishonesty!

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