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ship–you know the rest!

It was always a certainty that Republicans would be sharply oppositional to this president – that, after all, is their political duty. But now Biden is being openly denounced by his own people. It has come to this: “Frustrated Democrats Express Alarm Over Biden’s Powerlessness.” That screaming headline in The Hill, the beltway bible, reveals that Democrats have gone from relief and elation at the election of Biden to skepticism, then anxiety, then worry, and now full-on panic over his performance in office. His fellow Dems are now convinced this president has become “powerless” to find his way out of the hole he continues to dig for himself.

… And so, Joe Biden stands as the most unpopular president of the modern era at just 18 months into his administration. Democrats who’ve seen his approval in free fall – down to 38% at present, according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls – are indeed panicking to a degree we have not witnessed in many years, perhaps since their wipeout in the post-Obamacare 2010 midterms. In straining to find anything about which to praise Mr. Biden, allow this one personal observation: He has easily the best necktie collection of any president in memory. Unfortunately, though, when that is his only undeniable success, you will understand why Joe Biden has become a train wreck. Even his friends now view him as all but hopeless – even as he sits in the Oval Office with his own party in control of Congress, as powerless as any president could be.

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