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I think a MAJOR

problem that religiously-oriented Leftists have is they confuse their minds with the mind of God. It is fostered by the amazing narcissism inherent in Leftism. It is PRIDE–perhaps the foundational human failing.

And THAT is exactly the target of Leftism. Pride. Bound up in that is the lack of moral agency, force, and the violence that is part and parcel of Leftism.

Non-religious Leftists also fall into that same trap, but they do so because they deny the existence of any Truth. WE are the measure of all things, and ALL there is is this short day of our lives. So each person succeeds in this life according to the management of his or her own person, every person prospers according to his or her own genius, and everyone conquers according to his or her own strength. And whatever a person does is merely an extension of human nature and is certainly no crime!

To take the amorality of Leftism seriously is to negate ALL the Lefty assertions of being good or moral! Because there simply IS no right and wrong. There is ONLY the power to force others to do things. And if ALL you believe in is force and there IS no such thing as morality…

See, THAT’s why Conservatism is rooted in a Judeo-Christian worldview and Leftism is not at all. Leftism is not even paganism. It is, at heart, total and complete Nihilism.

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