It matters. Yes, Democrats WILL cheat (and water is wet), but go vote anyway.


Early voting is the devil and should die a hideous death. The only people who should vote by mail are deployed military personnel, people who are expatriated for work, and people who are too physically ill to get to the polls. Participation in either for convenience is just enabling the Democrat fraud machine. [emphasis added]

I would add, DO NOT AID AND ABET FRAUD! If you want a functioning republic, you don’t want vote by mail. Don’t be snookered by the cunning (yet false) arguments of the (some unwitting) fraudsters.

While today is certainly one of optimism for those of us on the political right, we must always be wary of the Democrats’ well-oiled election fraud machine. I frequently tell conservatives not to despair about voter fraud to the point of not voting anymore but that doesn’t mean I don’t worry about it.

ANYONE who tells you not to vote is NOT your friend, nor does he or she have your interests at heart. They are at least a dupe, and maybe an opposition member.

Gee, I wonder how many magical mystery ballots will show up this time!

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