Political philosophy

To survive long-term,

a government has to be a PRFL (pronounced “perful”). I just made that up, but it’s pretty nice, eh?

But to thrive over the long term, a government needs 4 characteristics:

P= Private Property
R= Rule of law
F= Free and fair markets
L= Limited government

Historically, ANY time a government deviates substantially from these four things, it falls. As a Historical Empiricist, I can look to history for examples. We DON’T look to mere theory to figure out what is good and effective, we look at what has been shown to work in the past!

And historically, PRFL’s work and non-PRFL’s simply don’t.

So ANY time you evaluate a policy, it is wise to see how it stacks up against PRFL. Now PRFL is pretty robust, and can take a few deviations and remain standing. But when things have gone too far, the government that ignores PRFL collapses all of a sudden, without warning.

Governments who ignore or reject PRFL are like a JENGA™ tower–it seems OK at first and it is just fine with some alterations, but as things progress it becomes less and less stable, and eventually unexpectedly comes tumbling down with just one more (seemingly minor) move against PRFL.

So Lefties, you are pulling out JENGA blocks, rendering the whole thing unstable. Stop it!

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