Really no

mystery. It was yet another Arkancide. DUH! Are you actually confused?


How dumb can you be? Maybe it’s not always stupidity–it is often willful ignorance, after all!

the weapon itself never turned up.

Gee, how does that happen? A suicide. Riiiiight.

Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?

UPDATE: New reports say that the death weapon WAS there. But the report is that it was 30 feet away from the victim. I guess no one thought it could be that far away so no one looked!

Could most people even throw a full-size shotgun 30 feet? AFTER a catastrophic wound? It seems quite unlikely that recoil alone would carry it that far. Could it really go 30 feet on its own? Even from a tree?

As a longtime shotgunner, I am VERY doubtful. 30 Feet? No way–not without a STEEP slippery hill. 5 feet? Unlikely, on flat-ish ground, but perhaps under just the right conditions–you know, ultralight, single shot, 10-gauge…

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