So Stanford

was in on the ruse. Gee, what a shocker…

Matt Taibbi has unearthed still more evidence of collusion and censorship at Twitter, all done by people and institutions who believed that they were righteous in their efforts to ban and block Americans from telling the truth about their own personal experiences with the Covid vaccine. This time, it’s Stanford University and their Virality Project that told officials what information should be banned.

Do you even wonder why people are getting to not trust “experts?”

The Virality Project had targeted “stories of true vaccine side effects” as actionable content, and in 2021, they “worked with government to launch a pan-industry monitoring plan for Covid-related content. At least six major Internet platforms were ‘onboarded’ to the same JIRA ticketing system, daily sending millions of items for review.”

In fact, many of those accounts and tweets targeted by the Virality Project, and identified to Twitter as misinformation, were factual accounts from individual Americans about their experience with the vaccines.

… Some cities made vaccines mandatory in order for citizens to participate in public life, and it soon became clear on social media that questioning the vaccines’ usefulness, or noting side effects from taking it, would be a bannable offense

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