Evil Immorality

Are you shocked?

I sure am not. There have long been hints and suggestions that a portion of high-level democrats are running a pedophile ring.

A Florida grand jury has explicitly accused the Biden administration of facilitating “forced migration, sale, and abuse of foreign children” through its criminally negligent immigration policies.

See, regular Democrats won’t call them out on it for fear of damaging the Democrat “brand.” So they cover their eyes, jam their fingers in their ears, and and pretend that all this is really not happening–or at least that it is better to gloss over it than to give ammunition to Conservatives. In fact, they attack anyone who says that it is!

Why? Because they can’t bring themselves to police their own “team,” and they are too defensively narcissistic to face the facts about their own collaboration.

This the same reason they won’t argue a point or debate. They are petrified that they will be confronted with facts they don’t like. And with no debate to bring things to light, there is a shred of plausible deniability.

So they make up fairy tales in a frantic attempt to hide their cowardice…

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