Right now is

the time for choosing, so to speak. Trump and DeSantis will almost certainly clash, and one will win. Me personally, I would prefer DeSantis for several reasons.

BUT, either one would be exponentially better than Biden or whatever loser the Left dredges up. Yes, I prefer DeSantis, but I will very happily vote for Trump if he is the nominee. And I mourn that Trump has alienated him. Uncharacteristically bad judgment on Trump’s part, if you ask me. Maybe a bridge can be built over that chasm. I sure hope so. A Trump/DeSantis ticket would be an absolute dream team, and pretty much unstoppable.

But Trump supporters should be able to say that while they prefer Trump, they would happily vote for DeSantis if HE is the nominee. THAT is the way!

It would be amazingly unwise to not support the GOP nominee, whoever it turns out to be. It would be cutting off your nose to spite your face!

So decide right now that you will support whoever gets the nomination!

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