Despicable Dishonesty

Yeah, we KNEW

it was a lie. THAT was obvious from the beginning.

“When this came out in October [of 2020], anybody with a lick of sense out in the rest of the United States knew number one, that the letter from the 51 so-called intelligence officials was wrong. We knew it,” Hageman said.

But Conservatives were far to polite to say anything, and Biden was well on track to lose, anyway (in fact, he DID lose, though he prevailed through voter fraud).

“We were well aware. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that laptop was absolutely true. It wasn’t Russian disinformation,” Hageman explained. “And the coverup was starting. What we didn’t know is the extent to which Blinken — as you said, the Secretary of State — was involved in the coverup,” she added.

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