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Ray Epps a

Fed? Gee willikers, who would believe THAT?

Well, maybe someone who is NOT a total fool…

Over the intervening two years, the Left’s case has steadily unraveled, and one of the most glaring examples of its weakness has been the curious case of Epps.

… A convoluted conspiracy theory? Really? How convoluted is this? Ray Epps is on video on Jan. 5, 2021, saying, “I’m gonna put it out there. I’m probably gonna go to jail for it, okay?” He didn’t. “Tomorrow, we need to go into the Capitol. Into the Capitol.” The people around him in the video aren’t buying it and start chanting, “Fed! Fed! Fed!”

Yeah, some in the crowd immediately knew what he was. They knew he was a Fed agent provocateur.

… In light of all this, and knowing that Epps has never even been arrested and is now the focus of not one but two establishment media puff pieces, it’s increasingly difficult to escape the suspicion that he was an agent provocateur trying to ensure that protesters breached the Capitol so as to establish the Left’s bogus and hole-ridden “insurrection” narrative. If this were not true, Epps would be languishing in prison in Washington today along with the others who did far less than he did. [emphasis added]

I just don’t think there is any question that Ray Epps was a Fed plant. DUH!

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