The stunning

hypocrisy of the rich who want taxes to be higher:

As I have said many times over the years, to wealthy people who want higher tax rates: Hey, what is stopping you? Write the IRS a check, they will cash it. But of course, these liberals aren’t actually talking about their money. They are talking about yours.

The rank, crap-eating hypocrisy is just breathtaking!

If YOU think YOU are not being taxed enough, drop ALL your deductions and write a check to the Treasury! Don’t just say, “I am willing to pay more,” write a dang check!

Otherwise, you are just a sniveling hypocrite. Get that weak crap outta here! Now you may say, “But just the extra money just from me would make no difference!”

Yes, yes, but is that an excuse for not paying what you believe you owe? Regardless of what others do, do you have a personal morality to live up to? What does YOU underpaying (by your lights) say about YOUR morality?

Either put your money where your mouth is, or shut the heck up…

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