Evil Hypocrisy Illegal Immigration


That is what should happen.

Heads up, sanctuary cities. Governor Ron DeSantis has been given the go-ahead to send illegal aliens to sanctuary cities, Democrat-run cities that virtue-signal about welcoming everyone, regardless of legal status. The problem is that when border state governors take them up on their claims, the mayors of those cities have a hissy fit. Which is it? Are these cities welcoming everyone or not? 

Guys, “Biden” is just evil for doing this to us!

But let’s not forget the rank hypocrisy of residents of Martha’s Vineyard:

Immigration activists and other Democrats lost their minds when they dared to arrive at the very exclusive island location. The progressives who live there quickly and enthusiastically welcomed the migrants, mostly from Venezuela, with their best high school Spanish and hugs for the cameras. Then, they served them bowls of cold cereal and put them on buses to a military facility. There they were kept under supervision until they could be moved to their final destinations. How’s that for a welcome?

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