Basic Economics

It really is

a fantastic interview.

What struck me is VDH’s talk about farmers and political stance.

I think he is right–there’s nothing magical about farming per se. But anyone who works for themselves rather than being a mere “worker bee” who just works 9 to 5 and doesn’t care about anything else understands well.

And so does the Left. THAT is why they can’t afford to have independent Uber drivers–THAT is why they want them all to be employees.

When an Uber driver get $10, he or she knows that he or she needs to put aside $3 for Federal, state, and local taxes. $7 left. And then gas prices take a HUGE bite. And then repairs are much more expensive because of Bidenflation.

At the end, how much actual profit is left?

See, a “worker bee” employee doesn’t have to worry about such things. Through the dark magic of withholding, they hardly even notice that they are being gouged. They never see the knife, and they are anesthetized to the point that they don’t feel it going in.

They never even cognitively or affectively process Federal, Medicaid, Social Security (they themselves only pay half of Social Security, while the employer must pay the other half), and state tax bills at all! And then they have no overhead (at least that they can see). Just show up, do the job, and go home.

BUT, when you are an independent contractor, you keep track of every penny. And then you write a check for taxes. And that is why the Left hates the idea of independent Uber drives with the white-hot heat of a thousand suns.

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