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There IS no

science without Christianity. Science depends on Christianity to itself even exist at all! Hence, as smart and advanced as they were, there was no science in Muslim and Chinese cultures–because there was no Christianity.

Bear with me, this is long.

See, according to Christianity, we were made in God’s image. We could understand all of God’s creations. After all, the God that created them also created US to be like him. So God’s actions were comprehensible to us.

But also there was the fall of Adam, and humans became “fallen man.” So even though we could fully understand all of God’s creations, we were “fallen” and were highly prone to biases and all sorts of error.

THEREFORE, we needed a method of discerning fact from human biases. That method of knowing (not subject) was SCIENCE. So there was a great deal spoken and written (see: Sir Karl Popper) about how to reducer error and get to truth.

There were issues of validity and reliability and a culture where EVERYTHING was questioned. So to say, “The Science has spoken” and “Scientists have proven” is perhaps the most unscientific thing ever!

As historically and culturally understood, the Scientific Method is a way of getting over the human weaknesses that came about because of the fall of man and comprehend the mind of God. It is NOT a subject–virtually any topic can be studied in this way. It is a method for reducing error and getting to Truth.

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