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Is this the

thin edge of the wedge? Doubt it. It’s all Kabuki theatre…

Murkowski replied, “I tell you, if it’s a matchup between Biden and Trump, I know exactly where I’d go. I would go with, I would go with Joe Manchin.”

Please note that Murkowski is a RINO. She is NOT a Democrat (formally at least). Wake me when several Democrats say they would vote for Manchin over Biden. ‘Cuz that ain’t happening right now. Murkowski is just trying to turn Republicans away from the Republican nominee. It’s a scam, a ruse! She is lying. DUH!

Biden is dead in the water if Manchin runs. Trump? Not so much. A bit of damage, but it would pale in comparison to the damage Biden would face.

And THAT is why I don’t think Manchin actually will run. He is too much of a hard Lefty stooge to stand up and run because he thinks it is right. I think we ALL know by now to never trust Joe Manchin.

We already know that he quickly crumps when faced with Democrat cajoling. I mean, he folded like the proverbial cheap tent and voted for Biden’s massive spending and inflation bill–stabbing the WV coal miners in the back! And this after earnestly assuring the coal miners that he wouldn’t hose them over and vote for that pig…

And Murkowski is playing her role with vigor and aplomb. But don’t be fooled, this is ALL just a DNC script.

As always, Manchin will pretend to actually stand for something, but puh-leez—it is as real and unscripted as the talent contests on TV or professional wrestling. Yeah, that hooker has really “loved you long time!” Don’t be a buck-toothed hayseed! Manchin won’t actually run! You can take THAT to the bank.

Trust me, the ending has already been written. Manchin won’t run.

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