Captain Obvious

Let’s not be

confused: This is a warning to anyone who dares oppose the Lefty mob. So yeah, I’m not a stupid, you know, Nor am I a mindless, bleating Lefty sheep–I will vote for Trump again.

And lest you think that all this Lefty opposition is just about Trump: Don’t be a braying jackass! This Lefty assault would be very similar against ANY Republican candidate who opposed them. C’mon, look at the last 30 years or so!

Dole= Pretty much Hitler
Bush= TOTALLY Hitler
McCain= Yep, Hitler
Romney= You guessed it, Hitler
Trump= Literally Hitler

See the pattern? It makes NO difference if the GOP runs Trump or some weenie RINO milquetoast like McCain or Romney. They get the very same treatment.

It just makes ZERO difference. So, since those are the Democrat-imposed rules, I want the meanest, most vindictive Conservative S.O.B. on the planet to run!

Who radicalized me? The Left did…

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