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It very much

looks like the Democrat sharks are circling. I’m not at all sure that Biden is long for this political world. And the scandal issues might well be the “tool” used by the DNC to throw Biden from the train.

“Fully 63 percent of voters say the president breached the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), which obliges people to declare foreign interests, when he served as vice president and his son worked with the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma,” reports the Daily Mail. “Another 29 percent said they did not believe Biden, a Democrat, had broken the rules, and 8 percent were not sure. Republican voters overwhelmingly said Biden had committed wrongdoing, as did 38 percent of Democrats.”

… Making matters worse for Biden have been recent polls showing Trump beating him by a fairly healthy margin along with lingering questions about his advanced age and poor physical and mental health. While the White House does its best to control Biden’s public image, as the recent collapse of Hunter’s plea deal showed, they can’t control the situation with the first son. This means that the risk of even more damaging information coming to light during the campaign remains very high.

And the Special Counsel to investigate the Biden crime family is a total whitewash. But even so, it may well keep the issue in everyone’s faces, and when it comes back that there were few actual problems (which of course it will) the disgust and cynicism of the general public will just explode!

New York Post reporter Miranda Devine told Watters that appointing Weiss special prosecutor in the Biden corruption case is “like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.”

Sure, it is a scheme to avoid justice. DUH! Weiss very likely try to “thread the needle” and find juuuust enough wrongdoing to get rid of the corrupt and senile Joe Biden and pacify the general public, but not enough to really damage the Democrat party or even damage the Biden clan. Still, that is a tricky maneuver. The degree of difficulty crests into the “expert” range. But you can be sure that he will give it a good try…

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