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I keep telling

you, we are seeing a cultural shift. And people are starting to realize that those on the Left are “the baddies.”

First Bud Light got absolutely creamed–and it is not over yet. Then Target was next in line for the abattoir. Then David Brooks wondered–however briefly–whether the Left were the “bad guys.”

Oliver Anthony exploded onto the scene with “Rich Men North Of Richmond.” Before that it was Jason Aldean’s “Try That in a Small Town.”

…the [Lefty] backlash shows that the fascist far-left is the party of the politically rich and well-connected — the controlling class. It has become the anthem for the rest of us and leftists don’t like it because it illustrates, in musical form, what they have become (but refuse to admit).

Remember when the Left was about counter-culture and the working man? Good times, good times…

The national socialist media is now attacking these counterculture phenomena, free speech, liberty, and the working class itself; and, they’ve always been lying about being liberal, progressive, or democratic for that matter.

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