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LOTS of SoCal

people saying that the hurricane was WAY overblown by the MSM. There was, according to them, there was some cloudiness and a little rain. But nothing unusual. My sister texted me a photo from outside her house in San Diego that showed… cloudiness. The horror!

It appears that the footage used by the MSM was actually footage from a Universal Studios “disaster” ride! Many people recognized it. People are saying this was all just a big hoax. People in SoCal are saying it was a light, refreshing rain. The footage is cherry-picked and mainly from Mexico or from the past, and while it does show current flooding from blocked drains, there is no wind in the background. Huh.

But why? Why hoax this stuff?

Because it can be used as a “Global Warming” cudgel. So for the Left, it has to be bad!

And this speaks to how distrustful we have become of the MSM. And then we catch them in a lie, and their credibility goes down yet another notch! So we are distrustful for good reason–they lie.

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