Age-related decline

What, is this

guy just a senile old idiot? Wait, don’t answer that–I think we ALL know the answer to that question…

He always made up self-aggrandizing stories about himself. THAT hasn’t changed. But NOW they are easily revealed as pure delusion.

And look at Joe Biden’s face in the photo. Sure, he is younger, but there is something else.

He looks mentally alive. Now you might think he was an idiot or agree with him or whatever. BUT, there is a stunning difference. And it’s NOT age.

Sure, there has been a butt-ton of plastic surgery and rampant botox, but that isn’t it, either. No, recent photos of Joe show that “Thousand-yard stare” that is so common in dementia.

Look at current photos of Joe Biden and compare them to even what he looked like in Obama’s second term. The difference is striking. And it’s exponentially worse when he speaks!

There is a good reason that his handlers work to prevent him speaking in public as much as possible!

Anyone who has been around people with dementia knows that Biden looks and acts like a person with dementia. Seeing him with other world leaders is just painful!

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