"Global Warming" nonsense Anti-scientific stance


There is an instrumentation threat to the validity of these studies! Gee, I’ve only been saying that for the past twenty years…

As a scientist, the problem I see is that there has been a widespread willingness by scientists and politicians to avoid careful examination of the threats to the validity of the whole “Global Warming” theory.

And it is really quite obvious that “scientists” would assert “Global Warming” because by doing so they yield to two of the three objectives of ALL despotic temptations–money and power.

The three universal despotic driving forces behind every single act of despotism are: Money, Power, and Sex.

Whenever you see despotic behavior, the impetus driving the behavior is at least one of those three things, and very often some combination of them.

Just know and be on the lookout: It is always driven by money, power, sex, or some combination of those three. ALWAYS. Even in Matthew 4 the temptations of Christ were ALL based on personal gain (money) and power! So, explicitly two of the three–with the third very much implied…

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