Lefty Political Strategy

Just why are

Democrats so silent about Biden’s manifest incompetence?

I mean, there is the obvious lust-for-power political hackism, and maybe that explains it. Though that means that many people are far more beholden to their “tribe” than they are to their country. A sobering thought…

They remind us, rather, that for 2½ years no one on Mr. Biden’s side has dared to say anything disparaging of him.

So just why? Why the sheep-like fealty to Biden? What is the draw?

It’s heartening to see that the general public is smarter than the Democrat fat-cats and their mindless myrmidons. Biden’s numbers are really bad.

According to a new poll from the Wall Street Journal, a large majority of Americans, 73%, don’t think he’s “mentally up for the job” of being president.

… Worse yet for Biden is the fact that a solid majority of voters, 58%, say that the economy has gotten worse on his watch. Just 28% claimed to think that it has gotten better. Despite this, nearly 75% of voters believe that inflation is heading in the wrong direction.

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