Lefty Political Strategy

See, I think it’s

more or less impossible for Democrats to get rid of Kamala.

Even if she said she left of her own accord, who would believe THAT? Unless there is some verifiable medical condition, no one will believe that she was not pressured out. Even in that case, there will be many who think that the DNC gave her that condition or that it is all a cover-up.

And people will rightly wonder if she really lost the primary or if it was rigged against her.

“Therefore, the end result of Biden stepping down would be a long, divisive intraparty contest that would quite likely yield a nominee even more unpopular than Biden…”

… If this is to be done, it would require Kamala Harris to withdraw and to assert that it was her decision. But I think even if they could convince her to put on this show, she wouldn’t be able to make the assertion credibly. She’s a terrible speaker. She’d look elbowed out. It would be awful.

And let’s say the DNC kicks her to the curb in favor of Gavin Newsom. How do you think THAT will go over, with Black voters in particular? How many Black voters will leave the Democrat planation? Already there is movement in that direction!

Rock, meet hard place. Two words come to mind: Flop Sweat.

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