Barbaric! Evil


Seth Rich. Democrats (DNC) clearly put a hit on him. He would have been wise to put a “dead man’s trigger” on the information he gathered. They killed him to stop him from talking. And it worked.

The DOJ and FBI are playing a cat-and-mouse game by deep-sixing Rich’s laptop. The Gateway Pundit reported on August 21, 2023, that the FBI initially said it had nothing involving the investigation of the murder of Rich. Later, the FBI admitted it did have some information on Rich’s death and then admitted it had Rich’s laptop. The FBI said it would release the contents, giving an estimate of sixty-six years to produce. The FBI did so only after many FOIAs and civil suits by Judicial Watch and Attorney Ty Clevenger.

Pose an existential threat to the DNC, and they will kill you to keep you from pulling the curtain back and exposing them.

This NOT some goofy “conspiracy theory.” This is real!

Kind of makes you wonder if Andrew Breitbart was murdered, too… I’m not saying he was, but it was sure mighty convenient for the Left to have him gone! A bit too convenient, eh?

Oh, and it was really convenient to have Epstein “kill himself” before ratting out his clients. What an amazing series of events, with guards sleeping rather than doing their rounds and multiple video cameras not working and all!

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