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Oh, absolutely!

Yes, he is a Lefty kook. Always has been. Conservatives have sympathy for him because a panicked Left is freaking out about what a threat he is to them. Remember how they conspired to kick Bernie Sanders to the side? THAT is what is happening here! And for the exact same reason.

It’s just that Sanders got on his back and showed the DNC his belly in hope that they would rub his tum-tum! I suspect that RFK, Jr. won’t do that. We shall see…

So while I am a fan of free speech and it is just delicious to see Democrats squirm like a worm on a hook, let’s not be confused—This RFK, Jr. guy is a Lefty wacko. Of course, so is “Biden” (we are legion). At least RFK, Jr. seems to be relatively honest about who he is!

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