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It really does make

me laugh! Bitterly.

I have uploaded photos to X (Twitter) many times. NO problems. But when I tried to upload THIS one:

it wouldn’t let me. It just said that something went wrong. No further explanation. It just wouldn’t do it. And there was NO problem with other sites such as Gab and MeWe. Fishy…

Maybe Elon Musk is a “free speech absolutist,” but SOMEBODY there sure isn’t! I very much doubt it went all the way to Musk, but still…

Now I can just hear the Lefty defenders pompously claim that there’s just a bug and it really isn’t suppression at all–just a “glitch” and that I am just paranoid. Or that it’s actually all my fault and I’m just not doing it right. Or something like that.

Yeah, maybe. But it sure is mighty convenient for the Left!

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