Biden-Induced Human Misery

Yes, “Biden”

hosed us all down.

And be (painfully) aware: This is NOT just about paying sky-high prices at the pump! Pretty much everything you buy or use was shipped. So a rise in petroleum prices means that virtually ALL commercial products are more expensive!

Already, my wife and I are spending just over $30 to get a burger, chicken nuggets, and drink going through a fast food drive–thru. But that will surely increase! That food was shipped from somewhere! And petroleum was used to transport it.

Plus, there are the employees who made the food, and they need to be paid. And they need to be paid enough to heat their homes, buy food, buy a pair of jeans, and put gas in their cars and come to work. And gas prices keep going up…

So with a rise in gas & diesel costs, the price of our meal will drastically increase. Even more. Everything will increase!

So YOUR life will change. Already we no longer go for Sunday drives because it is just too expensive! What is next?

Welcome to the Biden Pleasure Dome… You’re a long way from home!

Did YOU vote for Biden?

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