Malignant Leftism Political philosophy

See, Lefties are NOT

true to the democratic process. They are merely concerned about outcome, not process. In short, for Lefties the process is subservient to outcome. Thus we get the coercive and dictatorial “edge” to Leftism.

This “edge” blooms into a poisonous flower once their restrictions are taken away. They are held in check ONLY by Constitutional restrictions. If there is no “hard backstop,” you get Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, and Adolph Hitler. In other words, you get Lefty monsters.

Well did the founding fathers note that men are NOT angels, and there needs to be rule-based institutional limitations on power. Lefties generally have not learned this lesson, and have (at least publicly) taken a hopelessly naïve and Pollyanna-ish view of humans.

But that is a ruse–a game of 3-card Monty that fools the unwary and unwise. Just below the surface, of course, it is merely scheming for power and revenge!

ANY political system that depends on the “goodness” of leaders in order to function is for sure going to fail miserably. Do NOT put your trust in men. There are “good kings” and bad (and a million shades of gray in between), and you never know what you will get next. Put your trust in guard-rails and institutional limitations, not in men.

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