Choosing Current Events

GOP wannabes:

It’s over, OK? You’re only hurting yourself now by delusionally keeping up your charade. There’s no dishonor in a strategic retrenchment. And many of you have a chance in the future if you play your cards right–but you have no chance at all now. You need to live to fight another day. Take heed to the fiery crash of Mike Pence! That was a total train-wreck!

The FACT is that Trump’s lead is insurmountable. He doesn’t even deign to be part of your silly little loser debates. And he looks WAAAY better for it. If you continue, you just seal the impression that you are a total loser. You have better political instincts than that…

So here is what you do to preserve some future viability: You very publicly drop out NOW and vocally back Donald Trump. The writing is on the wall. Is there another decent choice?

Uh, no.

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