Current Events

I think the

combination of the border fiasco and the lawfare obviously aimed at keeping Trump from winning and trouncing Democrats is, in combination, a HUGE own-goal for Democrats.

NO ONE with an IQ of over room temperature is fooled! Yeah, we ALL know what’s happening. People might like it, but they know.

And there is a potentially HUGE backlash against the Democrats for doing this–a storm that is very unlikely to be calmed even IF Democrats are somehow able to cheat their way to victory again. See, Democrats are faced with two choices: 1) Set off a powder-keg of revolt, or b) Face almost certain annihilation.

Because even non-partisan people have eyes. And most people bristle at the rank unfairness! And THAT, my friend, is really not a good look for Democrats.

And SOME self-aware Democrats will jump ship; They will ask themselves the rather disturbing introspective question: Are WE the baddies?