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Look, mean Joe

is a mean, but senile, old loon! His being a mean old man is pretty much the only skillset he has left, now.

It did not take long for observers to understand that the carefully orchestrated Reichstag-like outrage of January 6 was more of a hoax than an “insurrection.” But that memo had not made it to the C-suite of Biden HQ, where the strategy was formulated and the narrative honed.  They still thought that voters believed January 6 was an existential threat to the Republic.  So that was the message they had downloaded to Joe Biden’s larynx for his Valley Forge speech.

But now we are seeing the Democrat doubling-down on an old and tired theme: Trump is a nascent (but never actual) dictator:

The Trump-will-be-dictator meme has been everywhere the last month or so. It’s function has been like the preliminary shelling of enemy territory—a softening-up exercise. That is, it has been intended to confuse, disarm, and weaken its target.

Trump himself partially diffused the meme in a hilarious fashion by saying that he would be dictator, wryly saying he would be dictator “only on the first day.” And then he went on to describe some decidedly non-dictatorial actions he would take.

Basically, the old rule holds: Whatever Democrats accuse Republicans of doing, THEY themselves are guilty of that same thing–in spades. It’s really just a butt-covering tactic for them. So pay attention: They will tell you who they actually ARE.

I mean, “Joe Biden” is a horrible, freedom-killing despot, so he naturally accuses Trump of being that! Sure, it’s not true, but you need to understand the game they are playing, here.