Fighting Back Media Flying Monkeys

I think most of

us can see through the MSM B.S. and have just had enough! So we are cheering those who effectively and elegantly stand up to the MSM bullies.

Millions of Americans have a contempt for the liberal-run media. Instead of using that contempt to their advantage, Republicans keep going on CNN and the rest. They seek to impress the press. It is suicidal.

Because the truth is, at some point you have to take a stand. And THIS is the way to do just that. Make them be accountable for their horse-hockey! I can be pleasant, but pleasantly demand actual accountability! Let’s talk about undergirding premises…

These immoral bullies need to be stood up to and their premises challenged. So we cheer when someone does. And I can do that without being nasty and thus throwing them a lifeline. I’m just politely asking them to explain themselves!

And here’s why it scares the ever-living poop out of the MSM:

But DeSantis, Ramaswamy and Trump are changing things for the better. Their willingness to stand up to these bullies is encouraging others.

… “This is the way. Force the media to define its terms, defend its premises, and refuse to be baited into answering stupid questions.”