Current Events Disgusting!

Yeah, pretty


That’s right, sports fans, the woman who decided to go big or go home with a RICO case against Trump thought it wise and prudent to turn the whole thing over to her married side piece. 

And THIS is more than a little true:

One of the more galling aspects of the turmoil surrounding Donald Trump since 2016 has been watching Democrats who are loathsome people thinking that hating Trump places them on high moral ground. 
As I am fond of saying online: Yeah… no. 

The people who are most vehement about keeping Trump off the 2024 ballot because it’s the “right” thing to do have long struck me as a collection of bottom-feeders who would sell their mothers for beer money. Until now, New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg has seemed like the biggest reprobate of the bunch. He may yet prove me right but, for the moment, there is a new lowlife champ in town. 

I think most people are sickened by this gross immorality. Oh, I’m not talking about mere adultery. Yes, yes, that kind of stuff happens, and while sad and deplorable, is certainly not earth-shaking.

In this case, what IS breathtaking is the utter disregard for social norms, the dishonesty, the prancing and preening, the lawfare cheating, the self-dealing, the stealing from the public treasury!

THOSE are the truly offensive things.

Like so many Democrats, Willis and her bedmate believe themselves to be part of a governing elite who aren’t bound by the laws and rules that apply to the hoi polloi. 

This is sticking a finger in your eye! So now, are you going to do anything about it, or are you just going to lay supine on the ground and hope that your rulers deign to give you a belly rub?