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How do we get

people to do vaccines?

I think that is exactly the wrong question. I don’t think vaccine willingness has shifted one iota.

And the photo is of a child with measles? REALLY? If the mRNA shot worked as well as the measles vaccine, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, now would we?

Well, if the government stopped freakin’ lying that would sure be helpful in addressing hesitancy! Look, I am NOT against vaccines. I have even recently used them (shingles and pneumonia), often recommend them, and find them to be of great value. Some of my friends don’t believe that, and I have no desire to try and force my beliefs on them. None whatsoever.

BUT, the COVID mRNA shot is simply not a vaccine. It doesn’t protect against infection. It doesn’t prevent transmission. It doesn’t even decrease severity of symptoms. IT IS NOT A VACCINE! So let’s not confuse my stance on vaccines with my stance on the COVID mRNA jab. Those are two totally different things!

And the risk-to-benefit ratio for the mRNA shot is ALL risk and no intrinsic benefit! So for me, no–I won’t take it. YOU do whatever you want. I don’t want to coerce you, and I have no intention of letting you coerce me.