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Here’s more COVID

damage that we are seeing: The death of trust in experts. COVIDIANS can’t tell the Truth any more than a dog-faced baboon or some still stranger creature! (thanks, Socrates–though he seems to have mostly been addressing biological reductionism–still, it attaches here)

And I agree, that current thinking is mainly a result of the university focus on a jaded and cynical Post-Modern know-nothingism (though it is almost totally un-self-conscious). Because if there IS no non-meaningless fact and ALL is a Nietzschean will to power, there is no “Truth,” even in what the “experts” are saying! THAT is Post-Modernism!

Yes, the legacy of COVID is Nietzschean. Or Nihilistic, actually.

It’s not the death of God that we are facing (as Nietzsche famously argued), it is the death of trust in experts. For many, the belief in God is very much alive! But belief in experts? Eh, it has taken a bit of a hit, lately…