Buffoons Captain Obvious


conservative when it comes to their own money!

Luntz is asked: “If you had to bet $150,000 on who’s gonna win in November, who would you bet on?”

“I never dreamed that I would say this, but I would bet on Trump,” Luntz responded. “I thought it was done. I thought it was over.”

Yeah, Luntz is hard Left, and he certainly is no fan of Donald Trump. But hey, he is dealing with money, here!

Of course, Newsweek does their sniveling Lefty grovel for Biden and says: Americans are fairly split on how Biden is handling of the economy…

“SPLIT?” Really? LOL, no! Pretty much ONLY dead-ender Democrat hacks will even say that Biden is doing a good job on the economy. They would be laughed out of conscious society!

Newsweak, NO ONE actually believes your schtick. Oh, other dead-enders may mouth the words, but it’s not like anyone actually believes that…