Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

Be wise, NEVER

forget! It is a sure way for this to happen again. The Pandemic Porn Pimps are now desperate to shuck off their NAZI uniforms and pretend that they were part of the resistance. Yet they have the smelly muck of Auschwitz clinging to their boots!

The very same ruling class that panicked the masses and instituted authoritarian dictates over the rebranded flu — which also proceeded to parasitically debase the wealth and prosperity of society — remain in charge today.

… They were complicit, or worse, actively undermining our rights when it mattered, and a true inquiry would drag those Covid skeletons out of the closet for the world to see. An accountability process wouldn’t just implicate the likes of Fauci and Pharma, but the entire system itself.

… The ugly truth is that a vast majority of our fellow Americans embraced the hysteria, and many took to aligning with the people in charge to target and demonize the small minority who spoke out against the collective overreaction to the “pandemic.” This is an era that most would simply rather not relitigate. For both the people in the halls of power and most of the population, they benefit by both recalibrating their politics to the current majority view, but also by sweeping this multi-year disgrace under the rug.

We are witnessing the mass memory-holing of the lockdown era, which will allow for the bad guys to get away with it, because nobody seems to want to look in the mirror.

There is a widespread failure of holding people accountable. And I don’t expect that we will ever see justice done in this matter.

Yes, but never forget!