Poetic Justice

We are starting to see

some changes. Democrats and RINOs are desperately trying to wipe the open borders stink off their shoes.

I think they are frantic because they are now saddled with that “Biden Border Stink,” and there’s really no way to completely wash it off.

“In a sobering analysis of the escalating topic, 69% of likely 2024 voters said that they support the border wall and razor-wire fence that Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) has ordered. Among those, a majority, 51%, said they strongly back Texas in its fight to stop illegal immigration and the surge of gotaways getting past federal border agents.”

… Well, how does one spin their way out of this mess? The Obama-Ordered Open Borders policy is dog [doo-doo] in the eyes of the electorate. Ever step in dog doo? Back when I was a kid and owners never picked up on their pets, I occasionally did and scraping it off your shoe is nearly impossible.

Well, the Democrats have done the political equivalent of stepping in dog doo-doo. And now they just can’t get it all off. To quote an old Sting song:
I had to stop in my tracks for fear
Of walking on the mines I laid…