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DeSantis just

keeps on winning!

I gotta say, I wanted DeSantis over Trump in the primaries, though I’m very pleased with Trump’s past performance as President.

Sometimes I hear people who wanted DeSantis complain and say that he doesn’t have all the personal baggage of Trump and Leftists therefore would have been nicer to him.

Bull crap!

Remember how they hammered McCain? Remember how they made a demon out of Romney? They were two of the milquetostiest, Lefty RINOs the world has ever seen, and yet they were demonized! Do you think that DeSantis would not have faced the same thing? Oh puh-leez!

It just doesn’t matter how Lefty the person the GOP nominates is. So I want the meanest, most conservative S.O.B. I can find. Look, I preferred DeSantis. And I thought (and still do) it was a HUGE mistake for Trump to call him juvenile names.

That said, Trump is the GOP nominee. And he is head and shoulders better than Biden. And don’t kid yourself, voting for RFK Jr. or Joe Manchin or some other Lefty knob is functionally voting for Biden. I just won’t do it.