Biden-Induced Human Misery Captain Obvious Economics

Yeah, we ALL know

that the economy sucks and that it is “Biden’s” fault. DUH! Even Janet Yellin knows that.

“Well, I think most Americans know that prices are not likely to fall,” Yellin told ABC News on Sunday. “It’s not the Fed’s objective to try to push the level of prices back to where they were.” [emphasis added]

… While the monthly, year-over-year rate has certainly dropped, the electorate sees this from a different perspective — by how much prices have gone up since Biden was inaugurated. That is more important to the electorate, as prices have increased by 17.3 percent, what The Winston Group has termed the Presidential Inflation Rate (PIR). In looking at the performance of the previous seven presidents at the same point in their terms, only President Jimmy Carter had a larger increase.[emphasis added]

… Even a cursory look at these economic comparisons explains why the electorate disapproves of Biden’s handling of the economy and inflation by as much as 20-point margins. Contrasting Biden’s record with virtually any other president, except Carter, only makes his own economic record look worse.

Look, “Biden” has taken a Lefty sledgehammer to the economy. What he has done is just horrible! He IS a Jimmy Carter, but without the same species of smug self-righteousness. Biden’s smug self-righteousness is of a different variety…