Age-related decline

Nice work,

if you can get it

I think the bottom line is that Joe Biden just no longer has the stamina to be President. If people are honest with themselves, he hasn’t for nearly a decade.

Age-related decline

Welp,I gotta

admit: I am this old.

Age-related decline Dishonesty Fools

For a

malignant narcissist, it’s always and ever about him.

Social media critics tore into President Biden on Wednesday after the president compared a small fire in his home to the destruction wrought by the natural disaster in Hawaii and Hurricane Idalia going on in Florida.

… GOP comms person Matt Whitlock posted, “Oh my gosh he did it again. Days of terrible coverage for comparing almost losing his car to a wildfire that killed over a hundred people with hundreds still missing …. and he just did it again.”

… In his post, Atienza wrote, “The fire department said last year the fire was insignificant. The article he shared with it stated, “This story, while containing an element of truth, embellishes what actually occurred. The fire, which was caused by lightning, was contained to the kitchen and was under control within 20 minutes, according to a 2004 Associated Press report.” [emphasis added]

The problem is that Joe Biden has always been chronically dishonest. But now there is also the very prominent senility, so Joe thinks of something fantastical and it seems true to him. And yes, those things are self-aggrandizing. But THAT is because self-aggrandizing things are what naturally come to his mind!

Great grandpa (who was born well after the end of WWII: You know, I was shot down by the Japs and was forced to go on the Bataan death march! I saw a lot of bad crap. But by pure grit and determination, I survived.

Sure grandpa… Time for your Metamucil…

Age-related decline


What the crap is up with him? Parkinson’s?

This guy is a walking, talking argument for term limits. GO HOME, MITCH! You are just no longer able to play this game! Have a shred of dignity and go home.

Age-related decline Psychopathology

Suuuure he did…

Biden has long been a chronic liar, but now he is ALSO riddled with dementia. So he no longer knows what is truth and what is merely narcissistic wish fulfillment.

What we are seeing here is the end-of-life meeting of narcissistic personality and being an inveterate (and rather compulsive) liar. This is the final stage and is as sure as the sun will rise in the east.

Age-related decline

What, is this

guy just a senile old idiot? Wait, don’t answer that–I think we ALL know the answer to that question…

He always made up self-aggrandizing stories about himself. THAT hasn’t changed. But NOW they are easily revealed as pure delusion.

And look at Joe Biden’s face in the photo. Sure, he is younger, but there is something else.

He looks mentally alive. Now you might think he was an idiot or agree with him or whatever. BUT, there is a stunning difference. And it’s NOT age.

Sure, there has been a butt-ton of plastic surgery and rampant botox, but that isn’t it, either. No, recent photos of Joe show that “Thousand-yard stare” that is so common in dementia.

Look at current photos of Joe Biden and compare them to even what he looked like in Obama’s second term. The difference is striking. And it’s exponentially worse when he speaks!

There is a good reason that his handlers work to prevent him speaking in public as much as possible!

Anyone who has been around people with dementia knows that Biden looks and acts like a person with dementia. Seeing him with other world leaders is just painful!

Age-related decline

Well, he IS

too old!

President Joe Biden has finally united almost the entire the nation as one, although not in a way he might have planned. A poll released Monday shows broad public belief he is just too old to be effective in a second term.

… AP reports in the poll, fully 77 percent said Biden is too old to be effective for four more years. Not only do 89 percent of Republicans say that, so do 69 percent of Democrats. 

Age-related decline Current Events

Sometimes it’s

pretty hard to know for sure.

Age-related decline Current Events

Yeah, you would

think that he is way too far gone to give it another whack.

But then you remember that Diane Feinstein is still being propped up in the Senate…

Age-related decline

Not much of

a surprise, no is it?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein was forced to the hospital after tripping and falling Tuesday in her hometown of San Francisco, according to her office.